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Can't find your part? Let us help at,!

About Us

What some people call passion and others call obsession started early on with my father having the same sickness for going fast specifically on two wheels. He was a drawn to the dirt and in helping to run a race track, from essentially birth the fondness for sliding sideways in the dirt is literally some of my first memories. 

Jump forward 30 years and lots of stories cousin Paul and I set out to build a cafe racer and the ability to turn this lifelong love affair into a business is kicked around between beers and bongloads. Jump forward again another 5 yrs or so and here we are with a full fledged something or other thats taken me tons of places, had me meet and even work with people I consider masters of the motorcycle building craft. 

So what do we do? Well I guess its quickly becoming more about what we don't do. Want a custom bike? We can do that. How about a bespoke one off seat pan, fairing or brake light? We can definitely handle that. Need help selling a bike? We offer consignment services ranging from social media cross posting all the way to full white glove auction handling.  A part designed and machined especially for your current project build? We've been known to do some of that. Plasma cut parts or signage? Yuppp.  Vintage motorcycle vinyl tank and fairing graphics? √  Powdercoating? Indeed Paint? We'll take a stab at it. How about parts? We have a full webstore with products from over 500 brands including the best in the aftermarket industry from brands like Wiseco, Bridgestone, Two brothers and so many more. We also offer a part hunting service for those rare or unobtanium pieces to help customers complete a build or restoration project. 

In short we aim to be your 1st and last stop when it comes to anything on two wheels as well as anything under the umbrella of powersport (ATV , UTV, Watercraft, Snow, Powersport Proprietary Tools all the way to trailers to haul all that braaap around. With all that this little thing is still just that, little. This "company" is literally a mom and pop operation with its only employees being myself, cousin Paul, my ever diligent partner in life Sarah, and a 3 legged furry cheering section named Savannah. We are hell bent on customer experience and personal interaction as much as humanly possible.  We work hard to make sure every sale ends with both parties smiling and look forward to working with you all soon. 


Kylo L 

Founder/ Builder/ Lifelong F*cked up Hair Line Sufferer/ Lover of Motorcycles / Rudeboy Cycle