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When you absolutely need it anyway or where you want it you begin to think I need something in the dual sport category. Those lines are really being blurred these days as the term kind of stretched from the no nonsense hooligan spirited Supermotard being a dirtbike with matching diameter wheels, sport to slick tires and a firmer more planted suspension setting and not much else separating it from its dirt going brethren. The dual sport sentiment stretches from there to the seemingly unridably large Bmw GS series with not only more dry storage than my Tacoma but arguably more technology as well.  Both drastic ends of the spectrum in terms of bike obviously but just as much in terms of average age of respective  enthusiasts as well. I realize it’s odd to lump the spectrum in to one section but maybe (like irl) if we’re exposed to the “other side” we’ll realize we have more in common than we thought and in my mind at least both end of the spectrum are  Dual Sport bikes as they are capable albeit in totally  different ways for any road you put them on be it fresh paved or old logging road.  This section of the store will include a bit of all that a rider would need while riding around the city scaring old folks or head to toe in day glow colors on a long way round style adventure with your lifelong riding buddies we’ve got you covered.