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Can't find your part? Let us help at,!

You may have noticed here at RBC we have what some might call an obsession but we prefer to call a love affair with Triumph. Unlike a lot of the old guard our love doesn't end at any particular date or production locale. Personally I think if the idea to make beautiful motorcycles hasn't changed nor the attention to detail to accomplish said task then there would only be a few logical answers as to why. Ill never bring politics into as something as pure as motorbikes but unless you got something I just can't fathom I believe the answer may lie in you not the brand... just sayin ;) Anyhow, I after being thrown off my prized T120 this last summer Ive finally found the time to start putting her back to right. Good news for all of you fellow Triumph riders Ive also started, compiling, purchasing and will be "testing" them out so look forward to some reviews of  (possibly just and absence of said product, you'll know that means a no from me dog..)  a bunch of items I personally intend or at least would use. This says a lot as you'll see most of what we add to any build is at least a vision by  if not an actual creation of our own, like the #futureclassic tidy tail that came as a push back to the exuberant prices for seemingly poorly designed and produced "aftermarket"  Just like the rest of the site ultimately we are here to make money but I am a firm believer in the theory of repeat business over quick profit so don't be surprised nor cry "knock off" when you see it exponentially cheaper here. Im no Robin Hood but I aim to prove we can all have the bike we want and not starve.


Without further ado here is the first round. Be on the lookout for more probably weekly but certainly monthly and to build the triumph community around here Id like to start with this offer. Upon your first order, install whatever you purchased with us and simply send us a before and after pic. We will send you back your own personal discount code. This code will allow you 15% off anything Triumph related not only on your next order and but EVERY order thereafter. Consider it your secret knock to the coolest club on t