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Pretty hard to miss the fact we here at Rudeboy are dirt bike fanatics. Whether its in the dunes floating on a paddle tire or a 2nd gear day on some tight rocky single track here in NE we love it ALL. There comes a time when motocross is near impossible for us all but take a ride out to Clough State Park any day during the summer and you'll see a LOT of grey hair in that the lot. But the lot is the only time you'd notice. Beyond the fact of the helmet (know someone was thinking it) you wouldn't be able to tell because you'd be behind them or in fear of being run down by them. Im saying them old timers are QUICK and know those trails like you know your underwear region. Most are card carrying members of NETRA the NE Trail Riders Association and along with the wonderful trail maintenance they do and fighting off the government to keep places for us to ride they also host and facilitate the bulk of the Enduro Racing here in NE and Upstate NY. Enduro is as the name implies about endurance and ultimately being the first to finish but sometimes simply the last man standing. Enduro has become kind of a blanket term but with in that are numerous disciplines one could pursue. From the good ol fashion Hare Scramble with its loose definition of race course. Usually a race of a distance that can range from a couple hours to whenever and wherever they find you pinned under the bike (looking at you Dad) they find you. Around NE Jday has done an amazing job with not only a great crowd of loyal racers but a style of off road racing that seems unique to them. One part outdoor motocross (even utilizing the world famous Southwick MX course)  but will on the same lap have you face a section that is only usually found in something like Red Bull's Hard Enduro or a man made enduro cross track. Between them and NETRA, New England is truly blessed. The best part of it all is the community both have developed and if you live in NE and have never seen an Enduro race I highly suggest doing so.


Photos by Brian @Nevinsphoto and Ruts and Roots Magazine