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Can't find your part? Let us help at,!

As you may or may not know we have recently teamed up with Chris L of @clmototech of Pittsburgh Pa to attack a problem that has effected at least one night of your life negatively, electrical. We all know the Achilles of these old machines is the electrical system and you can probably go look at your closest project bike to get an idea of what I’m on about. 9.9/10 Times somewhere below that seat or bundled under the side cover is a previously (badly) spliced Rat nest just waiting to ruin your day. Most of us are aware of a slick product Called Motogadget. I’ll admit they did an amazing job simplifying this terror of the am builder but a basic setup will run you close to the value of the entire bike, so until now it was sink or jump in a pricey raft. Until NOW that is... we are still in development but can assure you 2019 will have a whole lot less CBs rotting on Craig’s. 

While we polish this idea completely I felt it beneficial to scour the net to provide our customer base an alternative going into build season. We will be slowly producing the Future Classic 2.0 by hand till a production method is discovered. That being said if you’re eying the tail/turn combo on the Kanc Killer please contact me sooner then later so we can get some dimensions and stock.  In the meantime I’ve provided a good cross section of turn signals, headlights and tails  in various shapes and sizes. If you need help fabbing anything please feel free to message me personally I’m always willing to lend an idea or hand.